The Difference between Business Analytics and Big Data

Business Analytics and Big Data pic
Business Analytics and Big Data

Former IBM balance sheet strategy manager Mark Marinello is a Columbia University graduate with nearly 30 years of experience in the financial sector. In addition to his professional work in finance, Mark Marinello is also personally interested in the subject of big data analytics.

In business, big data analytics refers to the collection and examination of large amounts of data organically created in the marketplace in order to gain insight into customer trends. However, big data differs from typical business analytics in several key ways.

According to an article published by the Harvard Business Review, big data collection contrasts with business analytics in volume, speed, and form. Big data relies on computer systems to quickly collect and store large amounts of unstructured data and process it to create a comprehensive view of the market for company analysts. In business analytics, these professionals are limited to the collection of structured data, and the processing of information is usually done by a team of human beings rather than a computer.

Both forms of analytics are used in order to help companies make more efficient decisions about business operations.


Membership Benefits with the Mercedes-Benz Club of America

Mercedes-Benz Club of America pic
Mercedes-Benz Club of America

A longtime financial professional, Mark Marinello oversaw more than $10 billion in capital during his tenure as treasury director of Huawei Technologies, Co., Ltd., in London. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Mark Marinello is a car enthusiast and a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA).

MBCA offers numerous annual benefits to its American and Canadian members. In addition to a subscription to The Star Magazine and a variety of service discounts, MBCA members enjoy unique privileges such as inclusion in the club’s Loyalty Rewards Program. Through the program, those who have been members in good standing with MBCA for over a year qualify for a $500 credit toward the purchase of a new Mercedes-Benz.

In addition, MBCA offers an identity protection plan through the Identity Patrol system. The plan includes a range of services, such as a personalized identity theft risk score, continual monitoring to prevent theft, and $1 million in protection insurance in case of identity theft.

Each autumn, MBCA organizes a members-only trip to Germany, which features visits to a number of destinations across the country. For $2,500, members have the opportunity to see the Sindelfingen Mercedes-Benz assembly plant or take a guided tour through the historic Carl Benz Museum in Ladenburg.

Mercedes-Benz Club of America Benefits

Huawei Technologies treasury director Mark Marinello is also a classic car enthusiast. In his free time, Mark Marinello participates in the Mercedes-Benz Club of America as well as the South Florida Jaguar Club and frequently restores classic cars from these manufacturers.

Members of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America enjoy several distinctive benefits. Individuals receive The Star, a bimonthly magazine that has received numerous awards for its excellence on almost every axis. The magazine is also available in digital form online. Additionally, the club’s online forums encourage camaraderie, information sharing, and networking among members.

Other membership perks include price breaks when purchasing new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, as well as discounts on parts at American and Canadian Mercedes-Benz dealers. The club also maintains affiliations with numerous retailers, magazines, and other organizations. These partnerships provide Mercedes enthusiasts with further cost savings on a range of trips, products, and services.

More information about the club is available online at

Car Restoration – Fuel Gauge Problems?

Outside of his work with Huawei Technologies in London, Mark Marinello enjoys restoring antique cars, particularly Jaguar and Mercedes vehicles. Mark Marinello is currently working on restoring a 1973 Mercedes to aesthetic and mechanical perfection.

One common problem observed in classic cars is instrument failure, including damaged fuel gauges. The combination of unfavorable environmental conditions, old age, and existing wear often leads to severe damage. These issues, however, can usually be fixed fairly easily.

A fuel gauge may read full at all times. This problem requires the replacement of wires in the sender or between the sender and the gauge. The gauge can also read empty at all times, which can either be a similar electrical problem or the result of a damaged float. By removing or disconnecting different wires, those restoring the car can find the true source of the issue and ultimately determine which components in the assembly need replacing.

Derek Jeter, New York Yankee All-Star

With years of managerial experience, Mark Marinello presently leads the liquidity risk management function within the corporate treasury at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in London. In his free time, Mark Marinello follows the New York Yankees.

Yankee All-Star Derek Jeter was born in New Jersey and raised in Michigan, where he started playing baseball in high school. From the beginning, he was determined to become a professional baseball player, with high aspirations of becoming the Yankees starting shortstop. He batted over .500 in his last two years of high school baseball and won notice as USA Today’s High School Player of the Year.

Jeter was drafted to the Yankees in June 1992. He quickly proved his worth by batting .344 in 1994 and earning the title Minor League Player of the Year from several industry publications. The next year, Jeter made his Major League debut as a shortstop on May 29, and he won Rookie of the Year in 1996.

Derek Jeter has become one of baseball’s best players and a pivotal part of the Yankees’ success for many years. He retired after his 20th season of baseball in 2014.

Staples of Italian Cuisine

Mark Marinello serves as director of the corporate treasury at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., where he maintains responsibility for overseeing $11 billion of business activities. When not busy with his professional duties, Mark Marinello enjoys cooking Italian cuisine.

Italian food is so delicious that many people travel across the world to taste it in person. However, you can also try your hand at cooking Italian food at home. Before you start, stock up your pantry with some of these essential ingredients:

1. Extra-virgin olive oil: Italy alone consumes one-fifth of the olive oil produced globally, so this product is a must. The extra-virgin variety tastes and smells strong and fruity and has a low acid content.

2. Balsamic vinegar: Also important, this product is available in several varieties that vary in price. The most expensive is rich, thick, and sweetly tart, but most people opt for the thinner and tangier — and cheaper — varieties.

3. Cheeses: Mozzarella cheese is a staple in Italian diets. Additionally, most Italians keep a supply of grating cheeses on hand, including parmigiano-reggiano and grana padano.

The Hidden Historical Treasures of Italy

An experienced financial services professional, Mark Marinello serves as the director of the treasury at Huawei Technologies in London. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the world and eating good Italian food. Mark Marinello has traveled across Europe, and visited many historic destinations.

Although Italy is home to some of Europe’s most well-known historical sites, including the Roman Coliseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, travelers who leave the beaten path can find unique manifestations of the country’s long history. For example, the city of Bologna features Europe’s oldest university, as well as a number of residences and towers from the Middle Ages. Anyone with an interest in the medieval period will find a spiritual home in Perugia, one of the country’s best-preserved hill towns.

The pageantry of medieval times is also alive and well in Siena, which hosts two horse races each summer. Riders wear colorful historical costumes and armor, while bright banners enhance the air of celebration. Those who wish to go even further back in time can travel to Bolzano, where Europe’s oldest mummy is on display, while those who want to explore more modern history will want to visit the site of the Longare flooding disaster in the community of the same name.