Car Restoration – Fuel Gauge Problems?

Outside of his work with Huawei Technologies in London, Mark Marinello enjoys restoring antique cars, particularly Jaguar and Mercedes vehicles. Mark Marinello is currently working on restoring a 1973 Mercedes to aesthetic and mechanical perfection.

One common problem observed in classic cars is instrument failure, including damaged fuel gauges. The combination of unfavorable environmental conditions, old age, and existing wear often leads to severe damage. These issues, however, can usually be fixed fairly easily.

A fuel gauge may read full at all times. This problem requires the replacement of wires in the sender or between the sender and the gauge. The gauge can also read empty at all times, which can either be a similar electrical problem or the result of a damaged float. By removing or disconnecting different wires, those restoring the car can find the true source of the issue and ultimately determine which components in the assembly need replacing.