The Hidden Historical Treasures of Italy

An experienced financial services professional, Mark Marinello serves as the director of the treasury at Huawei Technologies in London. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the world and eating good Italian food. Mark Marinello has traveled across Europe, and visited many historic destinations.

Although Italy is home to some of Europe’s most well-known historical sites, including the Roman Coliseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, travelers who leave the beaten path can find unique manifestations of the country’s long history. For example, the city of Bologna features Europe’s oldest university, as well as a number of residences and towers from the Middle Ages. Anyone with an interest in the medieval period will find a spiritual home in Perugia, one of the country’s best-preserved hill towns.

The pageantry of medieval times is also alive and well in Siena, which hosts two horse races each summer. Riders wear colorful historical costumes and armor, while bright banners enhance the air of celebration. Those who wish to go even further back in time can travel to Bolzano, where Europe’s oldest mummy is on display, while those who want to explore more modern history will want to visit the site of the Longare flooding disaster in the community of the same name.